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EvolutionWoW - The 3.1.3 Funserver!

On Patch 3.1.2, with No Crashes | Always on Latest Patches| Built on Custom Emulator | Wrath of the Lich King! | Large Population | Active Community | Custom Instant 80, Blizzlike, PvP Realm, and Highrates | LAG-FREE | Battlegrounds | Thousands of Cu


EvolutionWoW was originally started back April 2007, and shutdown near the end of November 2007. We are now coming back and we are going to be better than ever! We are always working hard to bring you the best World of Warcraft Private server experience possible. We have now obtained 2 dedicated servers to bring you the best experience, now lag free.

We currently have one realm named: Zul'Aman (Instant 60, option). This is a fun-server where PVP is allowed. We also have a level cap of 100 for now which we plan to raise later. We have a dedicated and committed development team who adds custom content from level 1 to 100, this includes: Quest, Items, Mobs, and many more special items. All fully scripted!

We also have the Zent Fun-Server which is a instant 70 with everything you can think of in the mall, with the level cap of 255 and still much more being added to it!
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