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3.3.5 • 4.0.6 • 4.1.0 • Instant 85 • Tier 11 • Season 9 • Worgen • All Spells/Talents • Dungeon Finder • All BGs Working • Random BG • PvP • Player Commands • Auction House • Arenas • Armory


WoW Dark is a World of Warcraft Private server wow private server wow top 100 That is Free To play and we offer Loads of Features Which Include. Instant level 70, Max Cap:110, Leveling Road, Boss Road, Portable Teleporter/Morpher, Warp NPC, Neutral Shopping Mall, GM Island, GM/Voter/Donator Equips, Runs off of Ascent, Support The New 2.4.2 Patch. Race Track, Forums, Great Website, Loads of People playing Online. Over 20,000 Accounts made, 50,000+ Characters. Will be Introducing WOTLK Realm Very Soon! "Trent" Is the GM on WoWDark. Whisper Him for any Question or Concerns while playing. We Are Online 24/7 and have no Maintence or Downtime. We have been running for 4 Months and have not had any Wipes on the server Yet. [url][/url] We Are looking forward To providing Everyone with Great Service. Legendary Weapons, 80+ Custom Vendors in shopping Mall, Very Friendly user base and GM's. Lots of Tools available to Our characters Including Enable BC, World Atlas, Password Changer, Account Transfer, Revive Password and more!
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