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OMG-OPEN WOW Private Server

One World, One WOW :: Jurassic Park ViP area :: World’s unique Lottery system :: 1000 players online :: Vote for Custom Items/Sets/Weapons :: Countless PVP, PVE, Main City Raid :: Stable lag free wow private servers


1. Login to our homepage and click "Sign Up"
2. Fill in the form: Choose your Account name, password and add your email address.
3. Go to your WoW Folder and open the file called "".
4. Delete what's written there, and add this line: set realmlist
5. Double-Click "Wow.exe", fill in your details and start playing!Today is the day i
* We will get our own Launcher soon. Please be patient *

Section 2: Rates:

50x xp rate
20x drop rate
20x gold rate

Section 3: Rules:

No harassment, excessive swearing and abusive behaivors toward players and stuff
No begging players or stuff (levels, itmes and gold)
No cammping and ganking lower levels (witch are green to you) if we catch you or if we get screanshot of you doing it u will be dleveled
Hacks (speed, stats, wall, GM, etc)
Bugs (item, spells, etc)
Speed increase stacking
Any of these are serious offences. You will be punished with ip ban.
Respect GMs they are working hard to provide u with best playing expirience.
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IN/OUT resets every month.
Time until reset: 22 days, 10 hours and 12 min.

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