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True Blizzlike 1x rate PVe/PVP 3.3.5a

Trinity core stable realms - Over 2 years running WOW and 9 years running game servers - Extensive vote rewards including Twink gear, reputation, gold, fun items, mats, pets, pvp tokens and enchants! Welcome home!


Ok so theres a thousand other servers out there, why should you play on ours? Well i can give you a few reasons.

1. Real Good people, and a cross faction world chat thats fun!
2. We fix things, In fact our goal is to have zero bugged quests and we are well on our way toward that goal.
3. Its Blizzlike and you can make friends in a nice playing environment, if your looking to trash talk and call people noobs and so on, then keep walking.
4. Jerks and Hackers will be banned without warning.
5. Some nice donation rewards if your into that. Certainly not required.
6. Active forum and Chat room, where you can tell all your bugs and we actually fix them!
7. Voting rewards, where u can get a little silver, some buff scrolls, potions or fun items delivered right to your ingame mailbox. Now you can also save "Dethpod Voting Tokens" and cash them in for gold, mats, or weapons and armor or twink gear at one of many custom token vendors.
8. Gm's and Admins who are visible in world chat. Try not to swamp them with questions, they are there to help but cannot do 12 things at once (only 11).
9. We are currently working on spawning all ore veins and herbs in the real blizzlike areas and quantities, do any other servers have that?
10. Custom quests, nicely done and blizzlike in their rewards and reputation.
11. Events, as we continue to grow we have many great ideas for events and games for nice prizes.
12. Working battlegrounds at arathi basin and warsong gulch, as well as arena action.
13. Thousands of man hours put into making this this most blizzlike server there is, and we still continue to improve daily, come join us and you won't be sorry.
14. Alterac Valley is fully spawned, not as a battleground but for completing the dozens of alterac quests with some nice custom ones thrown in there too.
15. Minimal rollbacks, the server autosaves every minute. So in the event of a crash you will lose very little time, if any.
16. Creatures use spells. If you find a creature that should be using magic and isn't simply report it and we will add the spell.
17. We have walls. Creatures will not see you through them, And you will not be able to target them either.
18. Seasonal events. If its brewfest on retail blizzard then it will be brewfest on our server and so on.
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