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Neverendless-wow | WOTLK 3.3.5a HR Blizzlike

The original not the new copycat...WOTLK 3.3.5a HR Blizzlike[Friendly Staff]Quad, quad core processors with 64gb of ram server 1000mb dedicated connection. 5000 players on one realm for the best wow experience! PVP, Live events and prizes.


Neverendless-WoW is the ONLY Server you need! WotLK 3.2.2 High Rate Blizzlike server. High-Rate Custom Blizz-like ORANGE Core with the latest NEdb database and updated daily, with custom Bosses and content, level 80. Dedicated host with 1000mb/1000mb pipe to accomadate over 5000+ players at anytime. This server is a worldwide community with staff and players reaching around the globe. Helpful and friendly GM staff and people, almost around-the-clock support. Regular updates and bug fixes. No lag! No downtime! Neverendless-WoW is a steadily growing server! Come be a part of our actively growing community!

We are hosted on

• 4-Quad-Core 2.83GHz Processor
• 2x300 GB disk drive
• 20000 GB per month on a dedicated 1000mb connection
• 64 GB RAM
• Linux

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