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* RATED BATTLEGROUNDS (NEW!) * TRANSMOGRIFICATION (NEW!) * Mastery * Reforge * Guild Advancement / Perks * Archeology * Dungeons / Raids * Conquest Points system * DK Rune System * Cataclysm spells/talents, all working


The biggest and greatest cataclysm private server. Thousands of online players, daily fixes, retail feeling
Description WoW Freakz is the biggest CATACLYSM private server with thousands of online players, proving our supremacy in world of warcraft tops.
- Over 4000 players
- Mutiple realms
- Working cataclysm content

The difference between us and any oher random server is simple: we KNOW what we are doing and we KNOW what the player WANTS. Bugs/problems are solved extremely professional, depending on their priority. Those with high/critical priority are usually solved in a matter of minutes/hours, thus players have the best gameplay all the time.

As proof, we would like you to check or server fixes list. As you can see bugs are solved constantly, scripts get better every day, the serer being in a continuous evolution.

What are you waiting for? Register now on the best cataclysm private server!
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