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Scarlet WoW Shadowlands 9.1

• What we offer • Around 95% classes spells/talents working • Active GMs • Friendly staff • No custom Items/Quests (99% Blizzlike) • Tens of thousands working quests • Anticheat system • Costum events • Discord Server •


Scarlet-Wow 9.1
Server-Release date : 03.01.2021
We are a private server which strives to achieve one of the top private server experience as well as fulfill the dream of the true hardcore Blizzlike feeling. We are here to revolutionize the face of private WoW servers and to create a unique server experience.
Twisting Nether, our Blizzlike server with 2x (4x weekends) rates, allows players of all kind to reach lvl 60 quickly and anyone in between to be satisfied.

What we offer:

• 9.1 Chains of Domination Patch!
• Late Alpha to early beta state!
• Active GMs
• Friendly community
• No custom quests (99% Blizzlike)
• Thousands of working quests
• Anticheat system
• Stable core
• 2x xp rate during weekdays
• 4x xp rate during weekends
• Frequently events made by our Team.

As a project group we are working hard to assure quality gameplay that is worth playing.

We want our dear players to be able to quest, play and enjoy our server with the goal to reach best Blizzlike quality as possible.

Not only do we offer our well scripted Shadowlands server itself, but we also offer our users a managed Discord server in which you can seek assistance, bug reporting, general talking or additional community fixes.
We have quality content on our mind, and we won’t fail our players, because unlike others, we strive for player satisfaction.

Information About The Server
Realm Information:
Twisting Nether
Rates: 2x experience (quests, npc kills,Reputation), all other rates such as professions, currencies are set to 1x
Location: Germany
AMD EPYC 7702p @ 8 Cores
10Gbps Unmetered Port
2x IP Addresses
Up to 3Tb/s Cloud DDoS Filtering

Community Trailer:
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