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ReforgedCraft FRESH PVE Blizzlike

5x Blizzlike - 10x in the weekend - All Clases and All Rases - Automatically learn new spells - 1 Player Dungeons - All Professions - No res sickness! - Hs Cd 5 minutes - Cross-faction - 1 vs 1 Arenas - Ranked and Skirmish PvP - PvP Title


Blizzlike |10x in the weekend; All Clases and All Rases;5 Players Raids;1 Player Dungeons;All Professions ;No res sickness!; Automatically learn new spells;Cross-faction ;1 vs 1 Arenas ;PvP Title launched early access to our new Blizzlike Wrath+ realm in development called Garona. Fresh PVE-PVP realm All content, dungeons and raids are open 9; Players will automatically gain max weapon/defense skill when logging in ; Amount of money that a character has after creation: 40 Silver; Level requirement for Dual Talent Specialization 10 &; Maximum honor points a character...
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